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Immidia in 3 fundamentals

But that's just the beginning


immidia provides a white label service, delivering you your own URL and a custom web interface for your brand. The immidia operating system becomes yours. Clearly an added value for your business, it offers a multitude of services for your customers, you keep control at all times and follow up easily. No need to resort to services outside the company, finished with customers whom have booked outside the company and ask your concierge or service client to solutiont problems related to products not offered in-house. No more frustrated customers not being able to have a global vision of the services available right in your company. or being forced to spend countless hours on the Internet to find their activities. They will now be centralized on your service portal, open to all your clients before, during and after their stay.

+ one: added value generator

From now on, Immidia's technology and services can be yours

  • generate additional business
  • empower your sales and marketing strategy
  • take advantage of the 4th industrial revolution

Now, how to turn your company
into a lifetime luxury experience?


at every step
of your client s experience

following your client's experience
how Immidia helps you interact more


how your clients
heard of your hotel

zero moment
of truth (zmot)

where they search for more info

first moment of truth

(fmot) what they did when arriving
on your website

second moment
of truth (smot)

how experience influences next steps


why they keep
coming back to you

ok, now, let's see what we can do for you

  • Immidia is your new integrated marketing service partner

    Besides being the 1st global luxury experiences provider in real time, the fastest expanding galaxy of top notch professionals around the world, the most ambitious customer service, Immidia has set up a marketing department dedicated to you, ready to help you implement all Immidia's features but also adapt them to your needs, empowering your marketing strategy with disruptive ideas.

  • immidia brings your Marketing to a higher level

    Strengthen your brand assets, enhance your crm, empower your own digital distribution channels and add-on exclusive custom-made features too. Our Marketing team is dedicated to work with you to implement your company strategy and disruptive ideas.

  • immidia provides new data mining solutions

    The challenge nowadays is all about the data, not only with huge content but smart content. immidia collects, analyses and work with your organization to certify data management at its best!

The perfect answer to every top-level travel agents
Or five stars concierge and hotels needs

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